Make That Thing Move

Limited Time offer for animated Cards. See below...

Elbow bump your clients with an animated Christmas card.

Like these examples.

Only £99 if booked in before the end of October 2020.
After that £145.
Limited studio slots so get in touch ASAP for more details.
What previous clients said:
"Allegra is a talented animator with really creative and different ideas, she is a fun and friendly person to work with and brings innovative ideas for processes which make the client engagement professional and efficient. I recommend her!"
Emma, Emm-Power

"I've sent both my clients and family / friends an animated card courtesy of Allegra for the last 3 years.  They are amazing! Not only am I saving the planet but they feel quirky and bespoke and I've had great feedback on them."
Jennifer, My Super Connector

"Allegra did an animated Christmas card for our Retreat business. Not only did she personalise the animation to include everything that related to our customers but she helped with suggestions and ideas.
Allegra was informative and kept us involved throughout the process. I have no doubt it helped us get repeat business the following year. I would certainly use her skills again and would definitely recommend her services."
Tracy & Martin, South House Retreat

"A great alternative take on the traditional Christmas card greeting. Allegra’s work gave us a great conversation starter with new and existing clients!"
Kevin, The Boardroom
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